Driven By Compassion in New Hampshire - A Message From Dr. Syrek

New Hampshire Message From Dr. Syrek  

As medical director, one of my biggest roles in the success of Sanctuary ATC is community, physician, patient, and caregiver education regarding the safety, usefulness and efficacy of Therapeutic Cannabis as it pertains to the list of qualifying medical conditions set forth by the NH DHHS.  Although cannabis research has been largely pushed into a dark corner for the past 70 years due to its federal illegality, the last few years have brought forth a large amount of new medical knowledge regarding cannabis and the endocannabanoid system.  As a physician and NH citizen, I take great pride in offering qualified New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis patients quality medicine, safety, and education.


Patient education at the dispensary will be a multi-tiered approach.  Sanctuary ATC will be unique with regards to education as I will be available on site to meet and counsel patients and caregivers, as needed.  Most, if not all, dispensary medical directors are off site and unavailable to patients.  In addition to a well-organized patient education center at the dispensary, Sanctuary will offer an intense patient education program to all qualifying patients and designated caregivers: The "Sanctuary Farms of New Hampshire Education Program," mentioned in our RFA.


I am very excited to be a part of this alternative form of medicine that has benefited so many patients, not only here in the United States, but worldwide.



Dr. David Syrek

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