Community Outreach in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Community Outreach

As a not-for-profit organization, Sanctuary ATC is heavily focused on charitable activities that help support our cause to bring alternative medicine to patients in the State of New Hampshire. These activities, overseen by the Charitable Activities Manager, are an incredibly important part of what our New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis dispensary represents and comprise of:

Patient Affordability Program:

Sanctuary ATC offers medication discounts for qualifying patients. The Patient Affordability Program provides assistance for those based on their financial hardships and/or their eligibility as it pertains to enrollment in Medicaid or SSI/SSDI. One-on-one consultations for new patients will determine qualifications.

Community Outreach Program:

The community outreach program is designed to raise awareness regarding New Hampshire's therapeutic cannabis program throughout the State of New Hampshire. This includes establishing strategic alliances with law enforcement agencies and community groups to help spread the word on a variety of aspects pertaining to the program.

Charitable Donations:

Sanctuary ATC will make regular charitable donations to a variety of community organizations in New Hampshire. These donations are subject to the discretion of The Board of Directors and carried out by the Charitable Activities Manager. Organizations that focus on law enforcement, community safety, senior medical aid, youth education, and community development programs are of special interest to Sanctuary ATC.

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